Not many of us know that water damages are categorically divided into three categories, depending on the contamination levels of the water. These categories related to the intensity of the damage. It is not easy to differentiate these categories, and it requires professional training to understand each category theoretically.

Canyon Country water damage professionals are certified technicians who are trained to comprehend each and every category of water damage. Plus, with the help of the latest equipments, our technicians can handle these damages efficiently and promptly.

Categories Of Water Damage Canyon Country CA

For your better understanding, take a look at the following three categories of water damage.

Category 1 (Clean Water)

Water damages from clean water usually are not contaminated with harmful microorganisms and pesticides. You will find very little bacteria living in this water. Generally, this type of water damages is easy to clean and repair as they pose no health risks.

A few causes of clean water damages are overflowing bathtubs and kitchen sinks, water pipe bursting, and broken taps. Make note, although clean water damages hold no potential risk, this water damage may degrade to a severe level of water damage loss if left untreated. Therefore, ensure that you treat this water damage within the first 48 hours itself to avoid further damages in the future.

Category 2 (Grey Water)

Grey water is more dangerous as compared to clean water. Since grey water contains more pathogens, it poses many threats to humans and pets.

A few of the causes of grey water include failure in water supply pipes, leakage in roofs, overflowing dishwasher, and toilet overflows. Remember, it takes only about 48 hours for grey water to turn to black water, which means if this water damage is not addressed in time, it may lead to worse consequences. So do not let this water sit for long on your property. Call the professionals immediately.

Category 3 (Black Water)

Black water is indeed the worst type of water damage, and this type of water damage needs immediate attention by remediation specialists. Black water includes toxic elements such as chemicals, pesticides, bacterial components, microbes, and similar components that can harmful to humans and pets. Generally the causes of black water damages are natural disasters.

If your property has witnessed black water damages, best is to contact Canyon Country water damage professionals today! Allow our qualified professionals to handle black water using powerful equipments and latest technology to restore your property safely. Do not try clearing off black water damages on your own.

Final words!

In order to repair and restore a water damaged property, it is vital to first identify the category of water damages. A range of actions is completely dependent on the knowledge of these categories. That is why, a team of trained and certified technicians such as Canyon Country water damage restoration technicians should be called to immediately address the situation. All you need to do is, give a call at 661-263-5035 and book an appointment. Call us, now!